What makes you look skyward? Is it the
whoosh of a jet airliner, or the
mesmerizing drone of a personal aircraft
surveying the countryside? The sound of
an aircraft in flight is the sound of
freedom—the freedom to go where you
want, when you want. When you look
skyward, you see America taking care of
business, citizens exercising their
freedoms, and a nation enjoying its
liberties. Come be part of the sky—let's go

Let me introduce you to the exciting world
of aviation and flight training. Begin your
journey by contacting me- you can
or call me at (816)529-0358. We will
discuss the basics of learning to fly and
the exciting opportunities and adventures
that a pilot’s license will bring and even
set up a short discovery flight where I
wave my instructor fee. There’s no limit to
the magic of flight, just endless

Take the first step today by contacting
me! You can also go to the AOPA
(Airplane Owners and Pilots Association)
Let's Go Flying! website.
Learn to fly!!!!