Background:   After graduating
from Washington & Lee University
in 1986 with a degree in German
Literature and European History
I went into the Army as a helicopter
pilot and served on active duty as a
UH/MH-60 pilot and instructor pilot.
In 1998 I left active duty to pursue
an airline career.  
I became a CFI/CFII/MEI in 1998;
flew single pilot 135 night freight in
a PA-34-200, then got hired by a
regional airline as an ATR-72 first
officer.  I upgraded to captain in the
ATR-72 in 2000; and upgraded to
CRJ-200 (CL-65), captain in 2004.
2004 found me being recalled to
active duty with my National Guard
unit and serving in Kuwait and Iraq.
Upon my return I decided to return
to flight instructing so I could spend
more time with my family while still
In addition to flying throughout the
US (Key West to the Orca Islands in
Washington State), I have flown in
Korea, Canada, Central America,
Africa, and the Middle East.
I am a graduate of the US Army
Rotary Wing Aviator course; the
UH-60 Instructor Pilot Course; US
Army Special Operations Aviation
Course (Green Platoon).
I am type rated in the ATR-42/72
and the CL-65.
In over 20 years of military and
civilian flying I have never had an
accident or incident.
My love of flying began as a little
boy watching airplanes on
approach to La Guardia airport and
watching sea planes taking off and
landing in Manhassett Bay, New
(7N3).  I bring the passion and
love of aviation to every flight.