My Training Philosophy:
Flight training should be enjoyable
yet demanding.  My goal is
not to
make the pilot into an airline pilot or
a military pilot, but to take the safety
procedures and techniques I have
learned from these structured
backgrounds and use them to help
others be safer pilots.  I do not
believe in "teaching the check ride",
yet any pilot I train should have little
problem passing.
If you are looking for some one to
teach the check ride; or looking for
an instructor who is satisfied when
you land fast; when you land off the
center line; or if it is "almost right",
then I am the wrong person.
Also, I do not believe in yelling.  If
you feel you need an instructor to
yell, I can do so, but I charge extra.
I have experience in glass cockpit
flying and single cockpit resource
I do not believe in flying a bunch of
traffic patterns; or staying in the
local area.  I believe in
flying.  You can't learn
about driving a car by driving
around the block 100 times.  You
can't learn about sailing by sailing
around a dock.  Nor can you learn
about flying by flying around the
same airport time after time.   We
will take off and land to dirt strips.  
We will take off and land to short
runways.  We will take off and land
in strong cross winds.  We will take
off and land from grass strips.  
When you are finished, you will be a
safe, proficient pilot.